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Our Staten Island dental office provides emergency dentistry, dental implants, veneers, INVISALIGN, root canals, crowns, smile makeovers and all forms of cosmetic and general dentistry.

General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Staten Island
Welcome to Richmond Hill Dental Design Studio  - Providing emergency dental care, dental crowns, INVISALIGN®, ZIRCONIA crowns, porcelain veneers, dental implants, periodontics and family dentistry.

AtIf you are experiencing a dental emergency the first thing you must do is remain calm.  If it is not possible to see a dentist  immediately  then you can either wait until the clinic opens  or you must take yourself to the hospital in extreme cases.  Once you have been by one of our dentists they will quickly ascertain the cause of the problem  and will create a treatment regimen  that will take all precautions  needed  in preventing any further trauma.

Our dentists at Richmond Hill Dental Design Studio has seen many dental emergencies over the years  and know what to do in almost every case.      

What should you do if you have a dental emergency?

 The following  symptoms  are a dental emergency and  mean that you must see a dentist immediately

These are:

Cracked teeth or chipped tooth
Knocked out (avulsed)tooth
Injury to soft tissue
Dental abscess  
Bleeding following dental procedure
Failed root canal
Lost crown or filling

What should I do in the case of a dental emergency  while you're waiting to on of our dentists?

Broken or chipped teeth
If you have broken or chipped teeth  rinse your mouth out with warm water
Knocked out or avulsed tooth

Knocked out tooth
If you have a knocked out tooth  then see if the fragments that have been knocked out for the dentist  place them in a small jar or glass with saliva

Swelling of the Jaw
If you have swelling on the side of your mouth then applying cold compress 

Object stuck between teeth
If you have an object stuck between your teeth and floss gently.  Never apply aspirin  to your gums  and never use metal object to remove objects that may be stuck in your teeth. 

For all dental emergencies call us on 718.698.3384





INVISALIGN is an orthodontic system using clear aligners that are custom molded for each individual patient. The process uses a series of removable clear aligners that are custom-molded to fit you. They are almost invisible and very comfortable, and they will gradually straighten your teeth into a smile you’ll be proud of. We’ve had sports figures wear them while they were competing, actors wear them on film and on Broadway, and TV news anchors wear them while they were reporting. The Invisalign system typically takes less than a year to produce amazing results and works well for both teens and adults.

How long does INVISALIGN take?

The process of Invisalign can take as long as traditional braces. The treatment plan can take anywhere from about 12 months for adults to normally no more than 18 months.

What are the advantages of Invisalign?

Invisalign allows you to eat whatever food you want to enjoy
Invisalign allows you to remove the device whenever you want
Invisalign consists of smooth comfortable plastic aligners unlike sharp metal
Invisalign allows you more time in your schedule since you only need an office appointment with the dentist every 4 to 6 weeks.

Because Invisalign offers you comfort, convenience and virtual invisibility during treatment, nothing comes between your lifestyle and having an incredible smile. With Invisalign, you can be as active as you like, remove your aligners for special events, and feel more confident everywhere you go. Invisalign is clear and practically invisible, so nothing gets in the way of your new smile. It’s unobtrusive in business meetings or social gatherings with no metal wires or bands to irritate your mouth, and many people won’t even notice you’re wearing aligners. 



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Dental Implants in Staten Island  - Learn how dental implants can transform your smile,change your ability to chew and restore your confidence.

The ability to smile confidently and chew with ease whatever foods we like is something many of us take for granted. However, for many people this is an issue as many different dental conditions have given way to tooth loss, bone deterioration and the loss of confidence in their ability to smile.

Luckily we can change this. Dental implants are designed to provide a robust foundation for a patients replacement teeth which allows them to look, function and feel like natural teeth. The difference here is that a patient who has lost their teeth has now regained their ability to eat any food that they. Most patients are surprised how easy they find it to smile as now their teeth look and feel natural and their facial contours have been restored.

Dental Implant Evaluation – Richmond Hill Dental Design Studio  Dental Office.

Like many patients that feel that they may be a candidate for dental implants we first evaluate your needs using our ICAT machine – the only ICAT machine available in Staten Island. This allows us to get a unique 3d picture of whereby the doctor can address the bone loss and look closer at your dental needs in order to make the procedure a success. At this point we can discuss with you fees and insurance that may be available. There are many types of insurance plans and coverage for dental implants is varied.


What exactly are dental implants?

Dental implants are tiny titanium posts (also know as abutments) that are strategically placed into the jawbone where there are missing teeth. Over time the bone will bond with the titanium that will create a strong foundation on which the crown (artificial tooth will be placed). These implants as well as creating new teeth for the patient, also preserve the patients facial structure and can prevent the deterioration of bone across the ridge where there has previously been a missing tooth. Dental implants can undeniably change the way patients live, laugh talk and smile. For more information attend one of our dental seminars in Staten Island or make an appointment today. Our advice is always free.

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The search for a new dentist can be difficult in New York despite the abundance of dentists to choose from. If you are looking for a new dentist in Staten Island or have a dental emergency and need to see an emergency dentist quickly then make an appointment  or call our office on 718.698.3384

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Do you have a dental emergency? A broken tooth or jaw pain due to a failed root canal. Richmond Hill Dental Studio is now open on Saturdays and Sundays so if you have been too busy during the week to make it to the dentist then we are open on Saturday from 9am - 5pm and Sunday from 10am - 3pm. If you are need of a teeth cleaning then take advantage of our new offer patient offer and we will be glad to accommodate you. Either call the office or make an appointment above.  We will be happy to see you.