Dental Crowns in Staten Island

The problem with most dentistry is that it actually looks like dentistry and does not look natural. Our aim at Richmond Hill Dental Design Studio office is to make your smile look natural. Porcelain dental crowns can look amazing and brighten up and improve a person’s smile and general dental health.
The placing of dental crowns forms an essential part of restorative dentistry that at the same time provide wonderful aesthetic results. When it comes to dental crowns – CEREC porcelain crowns are considered to be the most beautiful crowns the teeth can get and also the strongest. Porcelain dental crowns provide necessary strength and look identical to the look of natural tooth. The use of porcelain is because it's the only crown that provides a translucent look to the tooth. The placing othe porcelain crowns used for front teeth can be a complicated placement process and can be challenging with a need for expertise. Dr Steven Cisternas is skilled and experienced and has placed hundreds of porcelain dental crowns in patients to transform their smiles with amazing results.
When are Porcelain Crowns Applied A porcelain dental crown is almost like a protective “cap”, which is placed over the tooth to restore its size and shape. The crown can also increase the strength of the tooth and improve its appearance. There are many types of dental crowns available , but porcelain crowns are best to recreate the natural look and function of the tooth as they can be matched to the color of the patients surrounding teeth. Porcelain crowns are designed to match the natural appearance of the tooth, but will look like you have a better one than before.
When a patients tooth is broken or has been damaged by decay, a dental crowns is the best way to restore it. Often dental crowns can be used to hold in place a dental bridge. Dental crowns can also be used to cover the abutment of a dental implant. In some cosmetic dental cases crowns may be used for cosmetic modifications or ti improve aesthetic purposes.
Treatment using Porcelain Crowns
Before any decision is made to use dental crowns in any restoration process as with any other kind of dental treatment, Dr. Steven Cisternas will firstly start with a dental examination. During this time the doctor will check your teeth and make the preparation to make the crowns easy to fit. Using a mould of dental putty, an impression will be taken of your teeth and used to construct the full porcelain crowns. In the meantime Dr Cisternas will use temporary crowns that will be fitted onto your teeth. At your next visit Dr Steven Cisternas will remove the temporary crowns and fit the permanent porcelain crowns. The crowns will be polished and she will make sure that the bite is correct when you bite down. If they need adjusted then she will make the neccessary adjustments to make sure the bite is perfect.
Advantages of Porcelain Crowns
The main advantage to a dental patient of porcelain crowns is that will not only emulate the original tooth in their function, but they can also be designed to look like the original tooth or even better. Porcelain dental crowns are translucent and look natural. They look like real teeth or better than real teeth.
The advantgages of Porcelain crowns are as follows: They can support a tooth that has been badly damaged by decay. They can restore a tooth after a root canal. They can hold together a severely cracked or broken tooth. They can protect a worn down tooth. They can anchor a dental bridge. Dental crowns can be used to improve the appearance of the teeth Dental crowns can be used to improve the appearance of your teeth. They can also - add length or width to misshapen teeth - mask tooth discolorations - cover a dental implants

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