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Learn about the benefits of laser dentistry

Laser dentistry is becoming increasingly common, especially for routine dental care like treating cavities. Lasers are also used in many oral surgery procedures.

Many patients prefer to use laser dentistry when it’s available due to the numerous advantages of this method.

The main benefit of laser dentistry for some patients is increased comfort. In fact, if lasers are being used, the dentist may not even need to use a local anesthetic, as the laser is minimally invasive and causes little or no pain. 

Many patients prefer to use laser dentistry when it’s available due to the numerous advantages of this method.

Lasers have a variety of uses in treating oral diseases. A laser can be used to remove decayed enamel, eliminating the need for the drill. For some patients, merely knowing that a drill won’t be involved in their treatment reduces dental anxiety significantly. Furthermore, lasers tend to be more precise than drills, so the dentist is able to preserve more of the healthy enamel and use smaller fillings.

When lasers are used surgically, as they are in removing diseased gum tissue, the patient benefits from a shorter healing period, as well. Lasers cause less bleeding and swelling than standard surgical instruments, so the tissue rebounds more quickly. Furthermore, with less bleeding, the dentist has a better view of the structure targeted for the procedure.

Lasers are also useful in certain aspects of  cosmetic dentistry. Specifically, lasers can activate a teeth whitening gel, resulting in a visible improvement in the teeth’s shade in around an hour. When a bleaching gel is used alone, it takes several days to achieve the desired effect.

Despite their many benefits, there are some limitations to what lasers can accomplish in dentistry, and they may not be suitable in all cases. Be sure to check with the dentist to see if lasers are appropriate for your needs.

Laser dentistry appeals to many patients, and you, too, may benefit from this technique. Talk to our dentist, Dr. Steven Cisternas, to see if laser dentistry is an option for the recommended treatment in your case.

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